Disruptive Software Addressing Fundamental Industry Problems

A disruptive sensor fusion and perception software solution that differentiates itself in the market through low-level fusion instead of legacy object-level fusion, which solves many fundamental industry challenges and has the support of various OEMs and Tier 1 & 2 go-to-market partners. The tech provides high-performance, cost-competitive, scalable, flexible sensor and processor hardware-agnostic solutions supporting ADAS and AD applications.

Strong Customer Validation & Traction

Confirmed by major customers as a best-in-class solution not available from any competitor

Attractive Business Model

Represents one of the rare software-only investment opportunities to participate in the growing automotive software coming with the proliferation of future software-defined vehicles.

Large & Fast-Growing Total Addressable Market

A large, fast-growing total market is expected to be $42 billion by 2030 with proprietary value-added solutions and a flexible business model leveraging the benefits of low-level fusion. The market is driven by the near-term need to unify data from the proliferation of sensors as ADAS systems evolve and increase performance requirements.

Fundamental Intellectual Property Addressing Core Sensing Challenges

Early mover advantage, with a flexible business model that is easily scalable and offers opportunities for attractive margins supported by a foundational and increasing IP portfolio (150+ patents).

World-Class Team

Management and Board of Directors include experienced executives and prominent industry leaders across automotive, electronics and software.