Peter Marks

Peter Marks, Board member

Peter Marks joined the LeddarTech Board of Directors in October of 2018. He is the owner of Executive Consulting Charleston, South Carolina, U.S.A. Mr. Marks has extensive experience serving as a member on several Boards of Directors. He served as board member at Broadcom Inc. and is presently Executive Advisor at Gryphon Investors. He has decades of automotive industry experience, most notably in his past position as Chairman, President and CEO of Robert Bosch LLC, where his responsibilities included the Americas. In addition, as Member of the Board of Management he had global responsibility for capital investment, manufacturing, environment and safety.

Mr. Marks has 35 years’ experience in industries such as automotive, technology, consumer goods and building technology, as well as in businesses serving different sales channels worldwide, including in North America, South America, Germany, Hungary, Russia, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Japan, Korea, India, China, Australia and South Africa. He has a keen interest in organizational development for leadership, strategic planning, production systems (“lean” manufacturing), engineering systems, project management and global business unit organization. Mr. Marks holds a master’s degree in Engineering from the Fachhochschule University of Applied Sciences, Germany.