Gail Saintonge

Gail Saintonge, Vice President of Human Resources (Interim)

Gail has over 20 years of experience as a human resources leader and a successful change management professional specializing in recruitment and organizational development. Gail is responsible for the overall global management of LeddarTech’s human resources portfolio.

Prior to LeddarTech, Gail’s career experience spanned several industries, including pharmaceutical, telecom, and consumer goods, Notably; Gail played an active role in defining and implementing best-in-class talent attraction strategies for the Canadian telecom company TELUS during its pan-Canadian growth phase, where she spent 13 years. Gail also played a central role at one of Canada's leading consumer goods retailers, Dollarama, developing and implementing corporate HR and business processes that spearheaded the company's rapid expansion at a national and international level. 

Gail joined Leddartech in 2021 as Head of Global Talent Acquisition and was quickly promoted to Director. In early 2033 Gail was promoted to Interim Vice President of Human Resources.

Gail is known for her unwavering integrity and honesty, and her impact has been measured by her ability to drive results and fuel LeddarTech's growth and success.